My First Zero Waste Swaps February 2022

Updated: Feb 26

I thought I would share the beginnings of our journey to cut down the single use plastic in. our home.

We have had refillable water bottles, go cups and reusable shopping bags for as long as I can remember.

My first zero waste swaps were my laundry and washing up liquid refills. Back in the day when a well known brand was still an independent company. No longer putting those big pieces of plastic into the recycling bin felt like a big change. That was a time when I actually believed that the plastic in the bin did get recycled, we have all learnt so much since then.

I started to learn about plastics going down the drain, yes my washing up brush looked shabby but I had never considered where all those plastic bristles went. So the next swap was the washing up brush. A wooden handle and a replaceable head with natural bristles.

Once I had started there was no turning back. The nail brushes were replaced as they wore out and the toothbrushes. The cleaning products were minimised and I searched for more refills and zero waste products for the kitchen and bathroom.

I now buy whole sale from what became one of my favourite go to online shops.

Plastic in teabags was a real revelation, it explained all those weird white bits in the home made compost. So we swapped to loose tea. Tea made from loose tea tastes so good and you need so little to make a mug. We don't have fancy storage containers, jam jars and a sharpie pen work well. When stored in an airtight container away from sunlight the tea stores really well for a long time. Top tip do not put Earl Grey in a plastic container the oil in it eats the plastic, but it does you no harm and tastes wonderful.

The tea I sell in the shop and we drink at home comes from a local tea company in Hythe, it is really great to know where your food comes from and be able to support other small local businesses.

We are not the perfect Zero Waste household but every little change makes a huge difference when you add them all together.

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